Our professional team has a wide range of complementary abilities to produce and validate the products we develop. 

Our Team

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Alastair Mackay, PhD, CEO, Kosmo Technologies

Alastair Mackay, PhD, CEO, Kosmo Technologies -- In April 2017, Alastair Mackay joined Kosmo as CEO. Alongside this role, Mackay  consults on the University of Maryland Health Sciences campus, helping entrepreneurial faculty define key opportunities, then sharpen strategies, plans, pitches, and presentations. At the Maryland Venture Fund (2013-16), Mackay was the Senior Life Sciences Principal, reviewing investment opportunities in startups in the Diagnostics, Medical Device, Health-IT, Therapeutics, and, Science Tools sectors. He oversaw two dozen companies in the MVF portfolio, holding the Fund’s Board Observer seat at Harpoon Medical and Graybug Vision, among others. For the prior seven years, Mackay was an award-winning Wall Street analyst for GARP Research and Securities. From 1996 to 2005, Mackay was a scientist-manager at stem cell company Osiris Therapeutics. Away from the bench, he wrote grants, contracted outside research, and worked on SOPs and release assays. He completed his postdoctoral fellowship at Johns Hopkins University after earning a PhD at the University of Vermont; his bachelor’s degree (Dartmouth College) is in Earth Sciences, a field he still loves.

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Bill Hanewinkle -President

Bill Hanewinkle joined Kosmo Technologies in 2011 in a part time capacity to take on the lead design work for the Andra GaugeTM device for three-axis fitting of dental oral appliances. This led to US patents 8,226,407 and US 8,550,816. In the course of that project, He realized that sleep dentists lacked an elegant procedure for fitting oral appliances for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea, one that made use of objective information on airway patency. This was the start of my full time work in 2014 to develop a system for sleep dentists to attain point-of care feedback from a device providing information derived from advanced acoustic-signal techniques (Van Leeuwen et al., 2015).

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Jinesh Jain -



Jinesh is a healthcare technology executive with master’s degree in biomedical engineering. In his most recent role, Jinesh managed the data platform at a Health IT company building a SaaS platform for respiratory chronic disease management. Jinesh has rich experience in clinical data interoperability, analytics, and developing enterprise software applications for neurology diagnostic devices. He has experience working on neural network based image and signal processing algorithms and has several patents and scientific articles published in clinical journals. He has also worked with the FDA in obtaining 510(k) clearances for clinical algorithms and medical devices. Jinesh’s passion is to apply technology and analytics in innovative ways to support the digital health transformation from symptoms driven to continuous monitoring and enabling novel ways to provide decision support to the clinical providers.


Michael Gleeson -



Michael Gleeson, COO has over 20 years success in building early stage companies. Mr. Gleeson brings insight in product development and launch, financial management, and project management.  He got his start as a serial entrepreneur by developing, patenting, and successfully commercializing a novel marketing media. The company DoubleTake Marketing has exclusive distribution with Clear Channel and JCDecaux through all airports in the US.  He later helped launch a medical manufacturing and distribution company in China, Medsential. This company has distribution channels in Taiwan and Japan and is continuing its growth through China. Mr. Gleeson maintains a board leadership role.

After Medsential Mr. Gleeson went to form an LED manufacturing company. Mr. Gleeson has grown ESL Vision from its modest start to a company that has distribution channels across the United States.

During this time Mr. Gleeson has brought his creative business skills to Kosmo Technologies to develop, patent and bring to market the Andra Gauge dental device. Kosmo’s second product is the Airway Optimizer and the Titration Tube based upon forced oscillation technique (FOT). Under Mr. Gleeson’s leadership, Kosmo Technologies has earned the "Concept to Company” award from Grant Thornton, successfully completed the Healthbox incubator, and received the Stoel Rives Innovation Award. He holds a degree in Finance and Marketing from the University of Utah.


Jeremy Andra, RPSGT, RST, Founding Partner and Industry KOL

Jeremy Andra is uniquely qualified to serve as Sleep Industry KOL due to his contributions in clinical sleep medicine, research, business models and product development. 

Mr. Andra is well known throughout the western United States for bringing sleep programs from initial startup to full operational capabilities by opening close to 100 sleep facilities.

Mr. Andra has been involved in sleep medicine since 1990 when he started one of the first sleep labs using computerized digital systems and one of the earliest portable EEG services in the market. Later, Mr. Andra was involved in large drug research studies as well as evaluating and field testing various medical devices needing FDA approvals. As part of his testing, he worked with Dr. Michael Berthon-Jones and Colin Sullivan (inventor of CPAP) for the U.S. approvals on the Auto CPAP.

Mr. Andra also served as Product Manager and Business Development Manager for Cadwell Laboratories. Mr. Andra was responsible for innovating for this global Neurodiagnostic leader, to keep the sleep industry relevant and on the cutting edge.

In conjunction with the sleep medical world, Mr. Andra put a focus on dental sleep medicine. His ideas lead to the forming of Kosmo Technologies which developed one of his concepts that Kosmo technologies named after him. This dental tool named the “Andra Gauge” is now sold internationally. The Andra Gauge has won Medical Innovation Awards and Dental Products Report had it in their “Top 10 Most Wanted Products”. As a regular on the sleep industry speaking circuit, Jeremy Andra is known for bringing both medical and dental professionals together to create successful business and patient models for Sleep Medicine.