Airway Optimizer

Point-Of-Care System for Obstructive Sleep Apnea

A Real-time Test for Determining Airway Patency

Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) is an epidemic that affects over 29 million Americans. Of the 6 million Americans being treated, 40% don't tolerate CPAP therapy. A growing alternative is an Oral Appliance (OA) fitted by a sleep dentist. In 2017, ~180,000 people were fitted with OAs. The dentist must adjust ("titrate") each new patient's appliance in a series of 3 to 6 unreimbursed office visits. The Airway Optimizer will solve this problem by replacing these visits.

By providing a better tool to identify, in realtime, if a patient will benefit from an oral appliance will provide the dentist and patient immediate knowledge if the OA will work before the OA is purchased.

The Airway Optimizer is a non-invasive device that generates a dynamic, real-time picture of airway resistance during the patient's first visit for getting a custom oral appliance (OA). The dentist positions the jaw, has the patient breathe normally into the Airway Optimizer's input tube, then steps through 5 more jaw positions, having the patient breathe at each. This simple 20-min. procedure lets the dentist identify effective OA settings.     

Composite AO Mike.jpg

Airway Optimizer

The below images show the resistance change in direct relationship to the change in the patients mandible. 

mm adjustments.jpg

Real time adjustments allow for instant insight

Having the ability to see the upper airway resistance in numbers allows the dentists to identify if the patient is in a comfortable position for long-term compliance. 


Adjusting the mandible substantially decreases resistance

Seeing the resistance change while adjusting the mandible provide insight in knowing if an Oral Appliance will treat a patients OSA. This removes the guessing and provides quantitate feedback.

4 tests.jpg

Four Patient Test

As shown above after testing 4 patients all with high resistant levels we were able to  optimize them to a much better level.